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When it comes to investing, front loading is the way to go if you have the financial bandwidth. It’s the beginning of June and I’m only $200 away from maxing out my Roth IRA! For some who are used to spreading financial goals evenly throughout a time period, this may seem odd. I decided to front load because it made sense with my current financial goals.

My Roth IRA Contribution Plan

My original plan was to contribute $500/month to my IRA so that I could max it out by the end of the year. …

I graduated college in May, so the past few months have been filled with adulting tasks like doing taxes, filling out paperwork, and organizing my finances.

Since I was little, I’d had one savings account at the same regional bank where I eventually opened up a bare bones starter credit card. There were never any perks, so I never knew that banking bonuses were a thing!

After bad experiences with the customer service at that bank, I knew I wanted to switch so I started doing research. …

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After anxiously awaiting my move to the windy city of Chicago for many months, I have finally made it! Moving day was nothing short of an adventure, so I’m sharing my experience in the hopes that others will better know what to expect for their big city move.

This is my first apartment out of college, so my aim was to keep this move as low-budget and hassle free as possible. I’ll talk about some money-saving tips as well as the expenses you should plan for when planning your move.

Apartment Hunting

Real Estate Agents

Luckily, in Chicago, real estate agents get…

Most people treat themselves to a fancy dinner or a new watch with their first paycheck. I treated myself to 25 shares of my favorite index fund.

The path to building wealth isn’t always glamorous but it sure is fulfilling. I just finished transferring a good chunk of my first paycheck from my checking account to savings and investments. This is what I call paying myself first.

Everything I did with my first paycheck

Before my direct deposit even hit the bank, part of my pay was taken out for my 401(k) where I get an employer match (aka free money!).

Next, I sent a good chunk…

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As a young twenty-something, most of my investing happens in my tax-advantage retirement accounts. I do not have any interest in day trading, playing the market, or selling my assets anytime soon.

I currently have two investment accounts: a Roth IRA with Fidelity and a 401(k) with my employer’s Charles Schwab plan.

My entire portfolio consists of low cost index funds because I believe this is the cheapest and most effective way for the individual investor to build wealth. I set my investment strategy once and never have to think twice about it.

Keep reading to see what my portfolios…

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Freelancing is a really attractive form of employment for many people. You can set your own hours, build a business for yourself, and open yourself up to a higher growth potential than a 9–5 may offer. Despite the many benefits, there are some considerations you should take into account before deciding to to start freelancing after college.

How I Started Freelancing After College

I am a recent college grad who has had the unusual opportunity of having seven open months between graduation and starting my full-time job to explore many avenues of spending my time. …

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Financial advice for the individual investor like you has been the same for decades: invest for the long-term by buying and holding diversified assets (i.e. index funds) and you will benefit from inevitable market growth while shielding yourself from short-term dips.

While this investing strategy has been the basis for pensions, individual retirement funds, and other sources of personal wealth for a long time, there is a growing threat that puts into question the very assumptions on which it lies. How will climate risk affect your money?

The Climate Issue

I recently was reading a report from…

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